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End to End Mobile Advertising Platform
Design - Mobile Advertising Platform

Our intuitive mobile engagement platform makes it possible to create HTML5 campaigns in minutes, instead of days:

  • Interactive, Expandable Display Ads
  • Leverage Touchscreen, GPS, & Mobile Camera
  • Fully-Customizable CSS Editor for advanced users
  • Mobile Rich Media Advertising Toolbox
  • Intuitive User Interface – No SDK, no technical expertise required

See what’s possible with our Mobile Engagement Pages!

Our mobile engagement platform gives you the ability to focus each campaign on optimally relevant consumers.

  • Custom Geo-Targeting: reach a precise geographic area
  • Demographic Targeting: segment by age, gender, and more
  • Target by Individual Interest Channels
  • Dayparting: advertise during specific hours of the day
  • Type of Device – Tablet or smartphone? Android or iPhone?
Track - Mobile Advertising Platform
Premium Ad Network

Set campaigns in flight at the click of a button, with a fully-transparent process that places your mobile ads on top-tier sites and apps.

  • Brand Safe – More than 2000 hand-picked publishers
  • Reach up to 100 Million Unique Mobile Consumers
  • Choose from a variety of publisher channels
  • Cherry-pick individual sites and apps

Not just numbers—insights. Our mobile engagement platform provides comprehensive reporting on every aspect of campaign performance audience interaction.

  • Performance: Impressions, Clicks, Engagements
  • Video Plays: Quartile Tracking
  • Page Scroll Tracking
  • Audience Insights: Demographic Data Capture and Segmentation
  • Eagle Eye Reporting: Map audience engagement by location
  • Track behavioral patterns throughout your ads
Track - Mobile Advertising Platform
Re-Engage - Mobile Advertising Platform

Create cohesive mobile engagement across all consumer touch points by strategically building a mobile opt-in list, and then targeting them with SMS Engagement messages.

  • Create and Manage SMS Engagement Campaigns
  • Email List Growth for long-term remarketing
  • Full TCPA-Compliance

Complete. Effective. Simplified.

Whether you’re just getting started with mobile advertising, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a more efficient solution, FunMobility’s Mobile Rich Media Advertising solutions will help you every step of the way. Advertising Agencies and Brand Advertisers alike love our intuitive and agile rich media advertising for mobile.

Full-Service Campaign Management

Our award-winning professional service team is at your disposal, able to assist with creative design, ad trafficking, analysis, or even comprehensive campaign management, encompassing every detail of your mobile rich media advertising strategy.

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