Gorgeous rich media ads leveraging mobile-first functionality


A precise mobile audience to optimize each unique ad impression


Your ads with top publishers, guaranteed to be brand safe



End-To-End Mobile Advertising Software

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to incorporate multimedia and interactivity into mobile ads. For the first time ever, mobile rich media ad campaigns can be created in minutes, instead of days:

  • Eye-Catching – Gorgeous, expandable display ads
  • Mobile-First – Leverage touchscreen, GPS, and mobile camera functionality
  • Unrivaled Versatility – Align with any goal. Drive traffic, app downloads, brand awareness, and more
  • Intuitive User Interface – There’s no need for special technical knowledge, anyone can use our platform to make engaging, interactive ads

See what’s possible with our Rich Media Advertising Toolbox!

Built-in targeting features let you focus only on optimally relevant consumers:

  • Geo-Targeting – Customize your campaign to reach a precisely-defined geographic area—only possible on mobile
  • Demographic Targeting – Segment your audience to market to an apropriate age and gender
  • Target by Interest – Sports, News, Fitness—place ads where your ideal audience will see them
  • Dayparting – Structure your campaign around specific hours: morning, afternoon, or evening
  • Type of Device – Tablets or smartphones? Android or iPhone? Define your audience by income bracket, behavior, and sense of style
Target The Perfect Audience
Place Ads With Top Publishers

Put campaigns in flight at the click of a button, with a fully-transparent process that places your ads on top-tier sites and apps, chosen by you.

  • Brand Safe – Don’t worry about where your ads appear—We’ve partnered with more than 1500 hand-picked publishers, guaranteeing safe placement with credible sites and apps
  • Reach Anyone – Through our network of partnerships, your campaigns can reach up to 100 million unique mobile consumers—87% of US mobile subscribers
  • Complete Control – Choose from a variety of different publisher “channels,” or cherry-pick the individual sites and apps where you want your ads to appear

Not just numbers—insights. FunMobility takes reporting and analytics further than ever before with comprehensive engagement tracking, measuring every aspect of campaign performance audience interaction.

  • Ad Performance – Measure impressions served, click-through rate, quartile tracking of video ads, and any engagement events unique to your custom rich media campaign
  • Audience Insights – Automatically capture valuable consumer data like age, gender, hometown, and more
  • Eagle Eye Reporting – Generate maps reporting exactly where your audience is engaging with your ads to gauge success at a local, regional, or national level
  • Behavioral Mapping – Track activity patterns and map specific consumer interaction pathways through layered, rich media ad experiences
Track Everything
Post-Campaign Re-Engagement

FunMobility ads can be customized to collect consumer contact information, automatically generating lists for ongoing re-engagement long after you’ve run your ad campaign.

  • Built-In Management – Audience re-engagement can be created, delivered, and managed directly from the FunMobility Platform
  • SMS Rich Media – Create and customize SMS campaigns that offer the same rich media engagement features as your mobile display ads
  • Email List Growth – Collect consumer email addresses for long-term remarketing
  • TCPA-Compliant – FunMobility SMS campaigns are fully-compliant with TCPA regulations, protecting you from any potential legal repercussions

Complete, Effective, Simplified

Get moving, with mobile. Whether you’re just getting started with mobile advertising, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a more efficient solution, FunMobility will help you every step of the way.

Full-Service Campaign Management

Our award-winning professional service team is at your disposal, able to assist with creative design, ad trafficking, analysis, or even comprehensive campaign management encompassing every detail of your mobile advertising efforts.

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