Mobile Solutions

All-In-One Mobile Advertising

FunMobility has streamlined the entire mobile advertising process: Rich media ad design, fun and interactive mobile engagement, built-in audience targeting, and placement on premium sites and apps—all brought under a single platform that’s so easy, anybody can use it!
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Mobile Engagement Ad Units

Mobile Engagement

FunMobility makes it a cinch for you to publish fun, interactive experiences that reward the consumer for getting involved. Check out our diverse library of Mini-Games, quizzes, surveys, and more.

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Mobile Opt-In Growth

Customers are fickle, and who can blame them? Navigating the modern world means surviving a relentless assault of advertising from all directions. A successful long-term marketing platform has to be something consumers choose for themselves. Discover a host of strategies to build and maintain your list of loyal mobile subscribers.
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Re-Engage Your Audience Post-Campaign

Location-Based Services

Make the most of mobile’s Geo-Targeting and tracking capabilities to enhance every stage of your campaign. Guide customers to the nearest store by providing map directions, automatically alert them to valid offers when they’re within walking distance, and collect useful location-based analytics data for remarketing purposes.
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FunMobility’s team of experts will provide everything you need to make the most of your mobile presence, from hands-on training and promotional materials, to mobile-optimized designs and even comprehensive campaign management.
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