Webinar – Mobile Best Practices for Hardware Stores

Are your print and direct mail campaigns showing diminishing returns? Are you struggling to bring in younger demographics?

Join Pat Murphy, a 30 year veteran of the hardware industry, for step-by-step guidance on how hardware dealers can successfully integrate mobile engagement into the in-store experience.

Get insight into:

  • Why do I need to include mobile in my advertising?
  • How do I get my customers to opt-in to receive mobile promotions?
  • What will mobile do for me that print advertising or direct mail won’t?
  • How will consumers respond to mobile offers?
  • What is the average basket size from mobile customers?
  • What kind of promotions work best, and what should I stay clear of?
  • How does mobile work with my POS system?
  • Can I use co-op to pay for mobile advertising?

Hosted By:

Hosted by Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy, VP Mobile Relationship Management, FunMobility

  • Founding retail division of the Schlage Lock Company
  • President of the Ettore Products Company
  • Cofounded The Institute of Social, Search & Mobile Marketing (ISSMM)